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The Live Mentor Series: Concepts & Storytelling | Hosted by B&H Photo and Nancy Borowick


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The Live Mentor Series: Concepts & Storytelling | Hosted by B&H Photo and Nancy Borowick

Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Nancy Borowick as she conducts a live mentoring session with photographers Andrea Wenglowskyj and Emilie Grand-Clement, with emphasis on how to conceptualize projects and develop effective storytelling. See firsthand the benefits of mentorship while learning how to better develop your portfolio.

Andrea’s Project: Novyi Sokil is a Plast summer camp outside of Buffalo, NY, where I spent over twelve formative years and that has existed since the 1950s. Despite the multiple horrific attempts to cancel Ukrainian culture, the stewards of this camp represent a guiding force in preserving tradition. Through my photographs I study the parcel of land purchased by Ukrainian refugees generations ago so that they would always have a place to convene. It serves almost as a theater set where a changing cast of characters come to immerse themselves in scouting rituals. Attending Plast camp is a rite of passage for young Ukrainians in North America, and like any summer camp, there is fun, friends and bonding. But the tight grasp onto the deliberate, formal, conceptual structure of the scouting rituals, the celebration of the Ukrainian language, and the re-enacting of uniquely Ukrainian customs are part of the fight to hold onto a notion of home, the motherland: Ukraine.

Emilie’s Project: This project is about memory and how to get close to someone you'll never meet. In 1962, my father embarked on a cargo ship from Europe to Texas. He was 20 and only spoke little English. He came back to France with a love for the USA, for the open space and wanted to become a cowboy. I've never known my father, but he left me an extensive photo archive spanning several trips. However, he didn't pass on any notes or memories of his travels. So, in 2023, I decided to make my own trip to the USA, following his lead and photographing the same places he photographed and making my own memories, with my father as my tour guide.

Hosted by B&H Photo

Nancy Borowick
Nancy Borowick is an internationally renowned photographer, author, teacher and speaker, bringing her personal story to universities, hospitals, oncology units and community groups around the world. Nancy is a graduate of the International Center of Photography and has exhibited her work in over 100 cities globally. Working regularly with the New York Times since 2013 and contributing to outlets such as National Geographic, Time Magazine, O the Oprah Magazine, the Washington Post and others, Nancy has told the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe winning her major accolades and awards, including those from World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, The Eddie Adams Workshop and most recently the 2018 Humanitarian Award from the organization Women That Soar for her photography and recent monograph, The Family Imprint. In 2019 she was selected as a new Sony Artisan of Imagery, awarded the title of 2019 Kickstarter Thought Leader and was nominated to the trustee board of the International Center of Photography.
Social Media: Instagram: @nancyborowick


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