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Wedding videographer


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Anybody else shoot weddings in here? Always interested what others are using in terms of lenses/gear. I’m always changing and never seem to settle. 


Right now it’s the A7SIII and FX3 combo for bodies, for lenses 50mm F1.2 GM, 24-70 GM II, 135mm F1.8 and 70-200 F4… until I change again!

let’s hear what you use and why!

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I do but I am a one man band.  I use the Sony AX700/43/53 on tripods during the ceremony to capture static 4k footage and then roam around with two a1 bodies and the 24-70GMII and 70-200GMII lenses.  I've been using the new sony shotgun mics on each AX camera so I get good enough audio to sync with and then I tie in a wireless to the sound system for my hero audio for the vows/minister, etc...  In a really huge church, I will add the 400GM in the mix too to get tight stuff even when I can't be up front.

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Hey there @Chrisbrockhurst! I shoot both stills and videos!

My current setup is 2x A1 & 2x A7SIII when I'm filming. I use the classic bride, groom, safety (wide rear), and a roaming gimbal setup. That'll usually be enough for ceremony coverage. 


After that, I plant two angles for toasts to cover the couple and the toaster, and roam with my gimbal. 



Take a peek at my most recent highlight here:


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