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photography - direct lessons approach understanding new camera


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10 plus years past experience - intermediate user with a Nikon SLR camera, recently purchased the Sony RX 10 Mark IV with a substantial price tag, having difficulty following the entire gamut of features and menus available on youtube, I am reaching out to someone who would be willing to teach and explain the technical and layman terms specific to this camera,  (step by step with exercises) approach to a enthusiastic beginner, I am looking forward to growing in the world of photography with my new camera.

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Hi there @Maui, I don't personally own an #RX10 IV  myself, but I imagine that most of the features and settings are similar to the rest of Sony's cameras. 

Having given one on one classes to students before here in Seattle, I think you'd benefit from that, as you would get hands on training. My advice would be to reach out to your local camera stores, and inquire about upcoming classes with their Sony technical representative. Sony has a dedicated team of Alpha technical experts that service the local camera stores, and they typically arrange for education on Alpha cameras and techniques.

Best of luck, and welcome to the Alpha community! 


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thanks for your reply Reza, I'm trying the manual approach for now, self taught lessons using still life subjects and spending time outside too, I will contact the staff at Henry's and follow up with your suggestion, I don't want to settle for auto mode, I am retired with ample free time to experiment and become creative, regards   Roy        ( Maui )





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