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BW Portraits- share your BW, monochrome, duotone portraits!


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Love it! What do you look for the most when you're shooting FOR black & white vs. shooting WITH black & white? Are there certain colors you look for to accent your shots so they produce better dynamics with black and white? 

Well, i think it's mostly the composition of the photo, if it is strong. Also if there is a lot of texture and colors that don't really go together well in the photo, i like to turn to BW to simplify the composition. 

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Scott, I would love to hear more about your creative process around choosing to go straight BW or toned monochrome. I love the variety in your work! What moves you to choose one or the other? 

I think mostly when there is strong compositional elements, dramatic lighting yet the background has a lot of detail or colors that throw off the eye. So BW creates more simplicity in the photo and relies on those other elements. 

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