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Introcution of myself


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Hello everyone, 


My name is Gert. I'm living with my family in the Netherlands. Daily job: Engineer building the Internet.

My hobby's: photography, videography, audio, video editing, reading, writing, Internet stuff: website, photo and video sharing.


I have been working with video sinds 1978 thanks to our family company in elektronics. Somewhere around 1980 photography also came looking around the corner. In those years video was recorded in monochrome with a tube camera and a huge Panasonic VHS recorder. Later on I switched to a Sony Video 8 (CCD-V8) camera. Photography wise I kept using film until the year 2000. Before that most digital cameras were too small in resolution or high price. With our first daughter on the way in 2000, I started my first digital adventure with a Sony Digital 8 video camera and the Fuji Finepix 6900.


Many cameras later, in MAY 2021, I decided to upgrade. Before that moment I used many crop and full frame cameras: Canon, Fuji, Panasonic and Sony. But when I lost my father at 86 I had a wish for big step-up to make new family pictures and landsape. The A7RIV became the first full frame mirrorless camera I owned and I have build up my set with three lenses with it: FE12-24, FE24-104 and FE70-200mm all full frame lenses and f/4.


I make photos and videos with multiple cameras of landscapes. My father also was a photographer. Monochrome and 35mm camera or small film. He developed and printed everything inside his own darkroom. This is him on top of his colleague. 448i4FBB521404589625.thumb.jpg.fad769719d4cea1dc84979bf3c36e830.jpg


My darkroom is digital. I use Lightroom and Photoshop from their first versions and I have kept almost everything inside a huge database. I still have to scan all my old photos made with film.


In the 80's I took over photography from my father. Where he stopped making pictures, I picked up his work and continued photographing family, friends and a lot of landscapes. The A7RIV (May 2021) was chosen by me for it's quality, build and workflow. It is a truly amazing camera and I absolutely love taking pictures with it. The camera reminds me in two ways to my father: the love for photography and the big G on the lens. G...from Gerrit, which is the first letter of both our names. Some of my photos can be seen on Glass (another G).


There still is a learning curve with the menus on the A7RIV, I also have some challenges with recording GPS coordinates with my photos using the camera connected to the app on my iPhone. But overall this camera has relaunched my photo AND video experience. Covid has been holding me back a little, but being out there in nature, together with my family and my four legged friend Stitch I absolutely enjoy every moment.


We were Sony dealers in the 80's and 90's. Our shop closed in 1995. Always looked back to our years together, building experiences with every piece of electronics we could touch, computers included. Computer wise we  started with the Commodore 64 and tapes, then went on with Amiga's with 3.5 inch diskettes, then came PC's and these days I use my Apple Macbook Pro. What a journey it has been. And the tools we can work with these days are amazing.


If you want to see more of my photos and videos, please visit my My personal website.  Youtube channel or Glass. The links can be found on my website, which is in English and Dutch language.


I'm looking forward to 'dig around' for experiences in this Sony community.


Thank you for reading my (his)story. See you out there!







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