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My Long Term JPEG Project


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I am an over-the-top editor most days. I turn photos into digital paintings and love to mess with everything in Photoshop. 

I find balance by shooting sooc jpeg. This practice pushes my brain to not rely on vision and editing only. I’m forced to mind my shadows and highlights, consider my in-camera creative looks (I adore the IN version, as well as BW), white balance, crop and depth of field. I also have to embrace the limitations that come along with jpeg shooting since I can’t rely on the power of raw to recover balance and exposure. 

The whole process is quite the brain shift and yet also frees my mind—and time! 

Here are a few examples: 





Have you ever shot JPEG for the fun of it? Share below! 

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I have always admired this project, Caroline. I'm so glad to hear this is something you are still practicing!  I was just telling a friend about it the other day as she has really been struggling with putting together all of the elements of creating an image + processing raw photos.  

Hi, dear!!! I am so glad to see you here !

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