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The new 24-70GMII & 70-200GMII are challenging my use of primes. Am I the only one?

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So, I've always been more of a prime lens shooter, even though you have to change them on and off the bodies.  I've liked the simplicity of them and their singular purpose driven agenda.  But lately, I've been a little seduced by the new 24-70GMII.  Even though it's only f/2.8 and cannot offer the bokeh of my prime lenses, it seems to rival their sharpness at every focal length in the range.  The 135GM and 50GM are my primary portrait lenses still, but when you are carrying your gear on location, the zooms always offer the "perfect" focal length for every shot.

The main thing is how sharp the II zooms are though.  I really enjoy grazing through Photo-Mechanic with a 4K monitor.  The next best thing to shooting Sony's prime and zoom lenses is looking at the results on a 30" monitor.  Am I alone in this?  Let me know your thoughts...   pm-r 🙂

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Ya, I totally agree about the way the optical quality of these lenses approaches or equal primes in some circumstances. The fact that they are so much smaller and lighter makes a huge difference too. It's truly mindblowing. For me, they don't make me question my use of primes because I feel like primes make me compose pictures better. I always find myself composing with the zoom rather than picking the focal length I want and composing the picture by physically moving my body. I mostly use zooms when I have to travel really light or when I have to shoot from a fixed location.

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