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I will be starting up my MotoPat Vlogging series again on Oct. 18th. I added a DJI mini SE drone:)


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I will be starting another ride on October 18th in my MotoPat series as I will be moving the bike from Colorado Springs to Phoenix, AZ that week.  I will vlog every day and post each night in the hotels.  I bought a DJI mini SE drone that weighs just 8.7 oz. to my kit.  After looking at what other adventure touring riders are doing on their vlogs, I realized that I needed to do the same.  So I will be using three cameras to capture footage on this trip, the ZV-E10 with the 11mm f/1.8 lens and the ECM-G1 microphone, next the Sony X3000 Action Cam for helmet videos, and finally the new tiny drone to round things out.

I will do another update late this week on the setup for controlling the X3000 from a remote unit that will be attached to my handlebars.  I've already tested it on my BMW around Knoxville.  This will allow me to turn of the action camera attached to my helmet, see what it sees, start and stop recording, then shut it off, all from the remote.  Should be pretty sweet!!!  I can't wait to get started, so ask me any questions you might have about my project as it develops over time and hopefully catches on 🙂           pm-r

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You should do a 21st century remake of the great old TV show about a wandering  do-gooder motorcycle nomad (Then Came Bronson, with Michael Parks) but call it Then Came PMR! It's got Netflix written all over it!

Somehow I very much doubt that Netflix would pay for anything with my ugly puss on it...  LOL

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