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Using the a7C for Street Photography all day today in Toronto, ON :)


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Every once in a while I get to spend time in a city other than mine and I get the gift of time to shoot a little on my own, away from the normal assignments. Today was one such glorious day, when I had no agenda but discovery, no assignment but my own, and a whole gorgeous Autumn day to spend by myself in one of my favorite Canadian cities: Toronto.  My choice of equipment was easy. I chose the SONY a7C because it is so lightweight and the battery lasts forever. I chose one lens which was the Lensbaby Composer with their Sweet 50 attached.  I love dong selective focus photography and this setup is perfect for walking the 5.8 miles I managed today. 

I could literally follow the light, watch people, see things come together, be patient, and shoot to my heart's content. Typically, I shoot the Sweet 50 at about f/2.8, not quite wide open but almost. I then use the a7C shutter speeds to control the exposure, using manual ISO set mostly at 160. I simply compose the shot by moving the front of the lens towards where the subject is in the frame, focus, and shoot. I hope you like the results.  On of the greatest things about the a7C is that it shares the same sensor with the a7III.  This sensor lends itself like most Sony senors and offers tons of dynamic range and headroom. 

The Lensbaby is unpredictable and inconsistent, the opposite of all Sony glass.  It's a choice to make art rather than my normal exacting and precise photography.  It's freeing to be able to work like this and fun because the results can be so surprising.  Don't get me wrong, I love all my Sony glass but sometimes it's cool to just experiment and take risks, especially on a well-deserved day off in a foreign city 🙂

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