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Am I the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode?


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I'm curious to know if I'm the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode (even though you can). The other week I was having a discussion with another photographer and they couldn't understand why I wasn't shooting silent. Many of the newer cameras allow you to turn off audio signals completely. Not just the Auto Focus beeps, but also have silent shutter options. 

Now, I 100% get that silent shooting is necessary for some situations. It has revolutionized golf photography, for example, because now you can shoot during a backswing. 

However, for me and my bird photography, I find that I like the sound of the electronic shutter. If anything, it helps not fill up my cards as fast. When I have silent shutter on, I feel like I burn through my cards at twice the speed because I need the audio sound to let me know how much I'm shooting. 

Anyone else like this? 

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I'm in the "like to hear the sound" school. And it's not just the reassuring click. I've had some times where in silent mode I don't realize something is pressing on the shutter button and I rip off a bunch of shots of my leg and the ground (mostly when I've got the camera on a BlackRapid sling).

The second reason is that when shooting in high-speed burst, I can get a sense of when the frame buffer is starting to fill up because the 'clicks' will slow down. That's my cue to let up for a second or two, and maybe move my eyes attention to the buffer indicator in the viewfinder.

Third, it's just cool to hear that shutter sound cranking along at 20fps 🙂

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