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About the Sony Fx30 And Fx3


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This Pertains to Both The Sony FX3 and FX30.

So both camera's are great i mostly use the Sony Fx30 and it does a great job, they are a couple things about it that i notice and i'm asking any one who owns the Sony Fx30 to help me here so we can get Sony to fix a couple of things about this camera that includes the Fx3 as well.


If we as customers and Sony Fx30 owners want something change calling Sony and requesting it does very little.


We need to bind together, because numbers motivates Sony then they are more likely to listen.

So if you would like to see these changes too follow me and maybe we can get it done.

the 2 things i would like to see changed and they can both be done in Firmware update.



#1 As of now you can only record 4k 120P internally using an expensive SD or CFexpress type A card.

Not all of us record internally and for many reasons,  I myself Record to an External Recorder, (Ninja V+)

So the problem is you can't take advantage of 4K 120P recording externally, it will not let you do it.

How ever the Ninja V+ is capable of doing it i do it with my Fujifilm XT-4 Camera all the time.

for some reson Sony Will not allow you to record via HDMI to the Ninja V+ 4k 120P.


Why i ask?  this is really silly because both the camera and the NInja V+ is very well capable of it.

The only thing i can come up with for a reason why is Sony wants to promote the sales of expensive SD and CFexpress type A cards, that would be the only thing i can think of.

Never the less we need to bug sony to come up with a Firmware update to change this. And it can very well be done, they can do a simple firmware update and fix this problem, wouldn't you all like to record 4K 120P to the Ninja V+ or an External Recorder that can handle it? Of course you would..  So we need to bind together and give them a little push to make this happen.

The Other issue is that you can not record SLOG to an external recorder unless you have the DHMI output set to Off (HDMI Only) this is really silly.

didn't you notice if you set the HDMI output set to On, you are limited to what you can record to the external recorder (Ninja V+)  you have to turn HDMI output to off if you want to record 4k to the external recorder.

this is the other thing we need Sony to fix in a firmware update as well..

So people let me hear your thoughts on this, i'm sure you would like to see these changes made and so would I.




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