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New Wedding Photographer


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Hello! I'm shooting my first wedding in two weeks and I'd love some advice on gear. I currently have a 50mm 1.8, a Tamron 17-28 2.8, and a Sigma 150-600 5-6.3. I obviously have a significant gap between 50-150mm that I would like to fill-- most pressingly, for the wedding, but I would use a lens in that range for concerts, events and sports as well. Does anyone have recommendations for a somewhat affordable lens that fills much of that gap and would be versatile for all that I shoot? I've been looking into the Tamron 70-180 2.8, does anyone use that or have opinions on it? I'm open to other recommendations, too.

For the wedding, if I were to get a lens that goes up to the 180-200 range, would it benefit me at all to bring my 150-600? It's bulky, and I can't imagine needing any focal length over 200, but if there could be any good use for it, I'd rather bring it than regret leaving it at home.

Any other wedding tips and advice would be much appreciated as well!

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Hi.  Most wedding photographers use a fast 35mm and 85mm or a zoom that covers a similar range like a 24-70mm. I use the Tamron 35-150mm and have a F1.4 35mm for low light small rooms/spaces and for my second camera I use the 24-70. Some folks carry a 70-200 especially for  large church ceremonies.   You are unlikely to use the 150-600. You also need a quality  flash, and ideally some OCF for reception photos.

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Good luck on your wedding shoot...

I've done a handful of weddings (mostly as a volunteer to build experience) as an independent second shooter and primary videographer. My photography came in clutch when the actual photographer went home before the first dances.

Anyway, my primary camera and lens for most was A7iii with Tamron 28-200 (2.8-5.6). This is probably my favorite. I've moved that lens to the A7iv, added a Tamron 17-28 2.8 to the A7iii and have a Tamron 28-75 prime on the A9ii. I still have my Sony a6000 with the kit lenses as well to set up in back of the ceremony, etc for crowd shots. If you need one lens, in my opinion, go for the 28-200. 

It's affordable and great for events, concerts, sports and weddings (all that you mentioned and all that I focus on as well).


Tips, have your shot list, don't be afraid to get the shots you need , talk to other vendors and understand style of couple of bothcoverage and edits (mostly photo journalist style,  portraits, details, etc and color balance on edits and such) 

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I hear such good things about this lens. Do you find the f4, gives you enough light indoors?

I shoot indoor basketball with the lens and crank up my iso. It's solid and the grain is actually on the nice side. You can always use noise removal tools if you don't like them (not lightroom's).

There is a gallery on alpha universe website for this lens if you want to see more samples.

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Best advice is to check out the shooting location, seating arrangement, lighting situation, and talk with the couple to see what their expectations are and go from there. To some extent, consider your artistic approach, as you may find yourself outside of your element if you integrate foreign lens last minute. I use the Tamron 70-180 for when I am not shooting wildlife. I like the quality and still has nice reach. It's compact which is a plus. I've taken picture of people and animals in motion with it and haven't noticed any issues. I like to shoot in silent mode, but there are trade offs like with most things. Good luck to you at the wedding.

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