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Any “Must Have” Custom Camera Setups


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Does anyone have a custom button or custom setup on their camera that they swear by? 

I don’t change much but I did change the C3 button (a1 camera) to switch various Eye Af. I also have a custom recall setting for the AEL button that allows me to switch from my fast moving subject bird/wildlife settings (which are what the camera is usually set to), to slower moving or perched settings. 

Anyway change something that they can’t live without?

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I've got the APS-C crop mode function of the A1 mapped to the custom button on the lens which comes in really handy when shooting sports.

The thing that really annoys me is that none of the Display (blue) menu options can be assigned to the custom buttons, or added to the My Menus, on the A1. There are several I'd like to use but can't.

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