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Turning nightmare travel around when you're on the road


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I just spent/had the worst production travel experience of my life. We had 3 planes get canceled back to back (each a day apart) and throughout the process, we had to travel to 2 different airports 3 hours away. I lost so much time and was so angry at first but after doing some calm breathing and chatting with my partner, calmer minds prevailed. Even though our production suffered multiple days of setbacks if you keep a positive attitude and push forward good things will happen too.

I'm curious if anyone else has had any nightmare travel scenarios of their own and what you did to overcome them.955iF7CEA6836F7F0EB9.thumb.jpg.bfb6b0d7764acd2db39238a57de9a762.jpg956i0274550CE4ADE86F.thumb.jpg.86f3d4db931220dfdd324afc67391dfb.jpg

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LOL...How about being a single woman, filming all throughout India, working my way through Intra-Indian Airports, then dealing with carnet letters and Indian customs coming into and out of India. India was the hardest shooting I have ever done. Picked up a stomach bug on leaving India on the way to Singapore to film, but that is another story!

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I had a situation two years ago, I don't know if you can compare them because it was a great experience from the start, but here it is:


I was living in Argentina back then, and since I was collaborating with my friends at the local observatory, we knew there was a total solar eclipse coming... and obviously, we decided that we HAD to go to see it in Patagonia.

As you may know, Argentina is actually really long, so, traveling was going to be a huge part of the trip.

Long story short, we did the trip, the place was absolutely stunning but but but, the day of the eclipse, clouds started to appear... and they keep coming, and coming, and coming...

We had 30 minutes left until the eclipse and we were driving like crazy to try to get a clear spot in the skies but it was almost impossible, so we stopped, crying, and hoped for the best, and at the last minute, the sky opened for those glorious two minutes.

Probably the most emotional experience I had with my friends, ever.

The previous day to the eclipse, we visited one of the largest salt flat in Argentina where we gave a little presentation for a little tourism company about astronomy.

It was absolutely magical.


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