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Hi... A few thoughts...

1. Content is king. If the content is good then cinematic, epic, etc... become less important. 

2. People care less and less about the camera and all of the b-roll and bells and whistles. I agree with you to use whatever tools you have. Again, if the story and content are good, I've always found that's most important. 

3. Great that you don't care if you share it. That said, be prepared that (for most people) creating usually implies we share things too. "Pressure" as you called it, isn't always a bad thing. The pressure to be better, or make something better is often what helps us improve. Pressure to provide for my family and send my kids to college is what helped me succeed. Pressure to be better than the person next to me, is what helped me improve. Pressure can be good and 100% helps us get better.  

It's not required but that sharing process is usually how things grow and evolve. If you're okay that you never receive feedback, comments, thoughts, etc... then go for it. But most people I know that start something for themselves, and never share it or do anything with it, also usually never keep up with whatever that activity is. Just a thought. Either way, good luck. 

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