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What's the most underrated lens?


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Ever since I bought the Sony 14mm 1.8 lens a couple months ago, I thought it would just be nice to have a super wide angle lens for certain situations. To my surprise, it's become one of my go to lenses. I lean into the wideness and distortion to get a unique POV with a lens that isn't necessarily fit for portrait photography. Also, this lens is ultra sharp, lightweight, small, and at a low end of the spectrum in price in comparison to other G master lenses.

Here's some examples I shot on the most underrated lens IMO!!



+ curious what everyone else's answer to this prompt is: What's the most underrated lens in your bag?

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I'm a fan of the 24 f2.8. I use it for lifestyle portraits, travel and events.

Solid pick- I was thinking of picking up this lens, especially since I really value the actual size and weight of lenses. For me, the smaller the better as I carry all my gear in a backpack.

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Fun topic! I like the very old 55 1.8. That lens is amazing and so sharp! It is one of the oldest lenses we have too. 

I love my 55 1.8 for the same reasons you list above, but beyond that, I have always liked the perspective of odd sized primes such as a 55 or 45 verses a nifty fifty.  I know it's only 5mm, but on tight indoor shots that 5mm can really change the perspective.  Especially when wide open on tight shots, the extra 5mm will give me tack sharp eyes but just a hint of softness moving out to the rest of the face unlike the real short depth of field I would get on an 85mm in the same situation.

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