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Didn't bring the right lens regrets?


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Went to Northern Norway recently, rented the Tamron 35-150 and a backup APS-C body (which I didn't need fortunately).  The lens was nice but just can't see myself using it on the regular.  But what happened was the majority of my pics were of the Northern Lights, and I found myself needing something wider than 16/17mm!   Still kicking myself for not renting the 12-24/2.8 instead of the 35-150.  

(side note, I also thought I would need a telephoto for Orcas but since I got a RIB tour, the 35-150 was perfect for it)

Ever have that happen?


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Same here as everyone. I do my best to get some great compositions with what I have though, to ease the pain. Then when I get home, I have an excuse to come back to the same place on another trip.

But sometimes it's not a lens, it might be a better tripod, a higher megapixel body, or a photographers worst nightmare: an extra battery or a memory card.

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The more lenses you buy, the higher chances that you'll second-guess what you've brought along!  Been there, too.  So, I've resorted to packing ANOTHER CAMERA!  😁  In more than a handful of situations, I've been saved by bringing along an RX100 or RX10 camera to "supplement" my Alpha.  The images out of these compact CyberShots is great. 

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