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Sony A1


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I am a hobbyist wildlife photographer, switched to  Sony almost 24 months back with A7R4 200-600 combo, must  admit I struggled a bit initially but got on track within few weeks.

While A7r4 is a great device, struggled to manage low light condition, but with introduction of Sony A1 all my requirement  got addressed , amazing auto focus , frame rate of 30fps, 50 mp , bird eye focus tracking and the list goes on and on.

Now my go to gear is A1+400Mm GM as well 70-200 M2 . Even with 1.4x TC  no noticeable AF drag. Over all so happy with ALPHA gears. Thank you SONY

Check to my work @ @venkisrs


1181iDBFF81D569F5A931.thumb.jpg.127e0a6d97b91833bd2f5f2f6ce42f9d.jpg1182i0A61235B767D98E1.thumb.jpg.e5dc7bb5ba828d2b6358a2d3e8e8cf33.jpg1183i5788FBE7E541ED59.thumb.jpg.ce1a3fbb7b267ee6b2b3f38885384f3d.jpg1184i9B18BA7242DC82D0.thumb.jpg.7c41ab98764564dcb06040d57619bfdc.jpg1185i785B7729C37CE463.thumb.jpg.b973b517fc509e5a164b5ef2e651b46c.jpg1186i261EE8D7E4C9440D.thumb.jpg.dcbc0f165158d58dae280c0f5c71451d.jpg1187i5021EF368F08A90D.thumb.jpg.f4964da56d33877ebd7448d2f70388ac.jpg1188i2377D9C1E55710AF.thumb.jpg.68b4a8d3760d507ee978091173f51a28.jpg1189i3AE7D7CF0C00C67D.thumb.jpg.02db0e8016128a0060d7952117c54b13.jpg1190iBD8BBFC14C6B7B3D.thumb.jpg.b8aa2bcfdcf4921bf756c38c489f3324.jpg1191i0273408F95B1B4F9.thumb.jpg.30bab1eea771dd14531b93694967704b.jpg .  Few frame 






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These are really fun to see so much detail, and great captures in flight for the birds! I am a portrait photographer for my business, but enjoy wildlife/songbird photography for myself in my yard. I shoot with the A7RIV, and for birds I also use the 200600 G OSS lens, and the 70-200. I have not had much success with capturing tac-sharp birds in flight, but working on it. 

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