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Focus stacking with the A7RV is a game changer!


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1236i4BF8115C0A143E3E.thumb.jpg.00a336890e911ab048f6a5d7c39c3bf4.jpg After a day of playing around with the new 'focus bracketing' features on the A7RV I've found that it's probably one of the best new features and additions to the Alpha lineup. It makes getting complete and total focus for macro photography possible and the results are fantastic!! I was able to do a 12-image stack of this cactus and achieve full focus throughout the entire part of the plant which I've never been able to do. I definitely hope Sony adds this in a firmware update to the other existing cameras out there because it's a game-changer! 


What are you going to use focus stacking for? 

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How much does the focus shifts on each shoot do you reckon? I wondering how to tell the camera that the subject is, for example, 4 inches deep for like a flower. As other times I might want it to focus stack a landscape. And bear with my technical questions. When you tell it how many shots to take, does it go the full range of focus (from furthest to nearest) and normally distribute each shot?

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