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RMT-DSLR2 remote / A7IV


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I've had my A7IV for about 6 months and haven't had an opportunity or need to use the remote. It works great with the A7R2 so didn't think anything of it.  However, it doesn't work with the A7IV, and I was wondering if anyone had any issues with this combo also? When I searched for it, I found conflicting info. If it's a no-go what remote would you recommend for the A7IV that is reasonably priced?  I have the RMT-VP1 but really like to convenience of the RMT-DSLR2.

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Hi, unfortunately, the a7IV does not have an infrared (IR) remote sensor to accept those commands from the RMT-DSLR2.  If you're looking to remotely trigger the camera you can download and setup the Imaging Edge Mobile app from your smartphone's app store, or if you'd prefer a dedicated remote check out the RMT-P1BT. Both solutions work via radio frequency (RF) so you don't need to have direct line-of-sight, or you can be behind the camera.  

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