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Honest Opinions Needed: Sony a6400


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I currently shoot on a full frame DSLR, but want to make the switch to mirrorless. I don't want to jump all in just yet, so I am contemplating picking up the a6400 for social media video content to get started. 


For those who have used this camera, what are your thoughts?

What is your favorite lens to use with this camera?

How's the battery life?

Are there any must-have accessories you recommend?

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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I have an a6400, although I don't use it much. I mostly use my full frame cameras. It is a good little camera though.

My favorite lens with it is the 10-18mm.

It uses W batteries, so it isn't as good as the a6600 or the newer full frame cameras with the Z battery. That said with 2-3 batteries I am fine. 

The Bluetooth remote is a great accessory to get.

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The 6400 is a GREAT camera.  It was my 1st mirrorless camera that catapulted me into the Sony universe.

Battery life is EHHH. They're small batteries. You can get a couple of hours of use on an OEM.

My fave lenses to create were actually Sigma lenses (some of which I'll still use today on my 7IV or 7rV).

For video Sigma 16mm (equiv to about a 24mm full frame)

Then they have a great 30mm f1.4 to walk around and keep it light.

The low light situation is tough on a crop sensor though.  I see some noise creeping in around 800 and then after 1600 I find the image pretty noisy as compared to my 7rV that I can push to 3200 and be okay.

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