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Using the widest aperture on fast primes

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The Sony fast prime lenses, 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4, 24mm 1.4 are all fantastic lenses. How many people are using these lenses at their widest aperture? Of course in low light situations you need those apertures, but the wide open look and bokeh is very stylized especially when the lens is used outdoors. Recently i have been experimenting with this look, which is easy to do since the Sony cameras can shoot at extremely high shutter speeds which makes taking images wide open possible.

Who else has given this a try??

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I have 50mm F1.2 and is amazing¡¡ Is true that in low light situations that aperture is very useful. But for portraits, is a very good tool too. Is not easy but I like it. 

In the other hand, the quality of the image is superb, also with "normal apertures". I believe that this lenses are much better in terms of the lens like itself....I don't know if you understand my idea. I like the wide aperture for portraits, but also the quality of the product (lens).

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I have to stop myself from always shooting the fast primes wide open regardless of the light. Everything just looks better. It can be really addictive and sometimes I use it too much as a crutch. I would encourage everyone to shoot these lenses wide open in a range of light and at a range of distance from their subject. It's a ton of fun.

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