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Sony 28mm F2, why does no one mention this lens!?


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Okay, I have been saving up for G Master lenses, I currently only have the 14mm GM and the 24-70 GMii, but a recent birthday party at a night club/lounge had me wanting in the aperture department and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I settled on the 28mm because it’s small and light, very cheap (got it used for $200), and I can pretend I’m using a Leica Q2 on the streets. Well, it’s simply amazing. I’m really blown away by it. It’s especially good at vlogging, which you wouldn’t think at 28mm it would be possible, but the lens is soooo short, half the barrel length of my 14mm GM, that I get an image frame roughly equivalent of somewhere inbetween 20mm and 24mm, but with much more background compression. Really pleasing image for vlogging. Plus it’s so tiny I can get candid shots in public easy, classic street photography stuff. 



so I’ve seen no one talk about this lens so if you haven’t heard before, let me be the first to say, this is a great cheap lens. The image quality is a bit better than my 24-70 GMii sadly, but no weather sealing and autofocus is rough in lowlight. 





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