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I am just getting into vlogging and building a YouTube channel that focuses on behind the scenes of running my business. I sell rocks and mineral specimens and would love some feedback on cameras or lenses that would get me the quality Im looking for on the crystals up close as well as while I’m out and about vlogging. 

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Hi @Lina and Congrats on the YouTube channel.  With Rocks and minerals, I feel that the details and textures are really key.  I would suggest getting a good tripod for your shots and a macro lens.  The 90mm f/2.8 G Macro is exceptionally sharp and gets you really close in there.  For a wider shot, but still close focus, you can try the 50mm f/2.8 Macro. It's not built as sturdy and optically, the 90mm is superior - but you can't beat the price if you're on a budget!  If you're ever hesitant about a lens, I always recommend to customers to rent the lenses and test drive them before you buy them.  Check out  

As for bodies, you can literally choose ANY Sony Alpha and they will be great.  The GO-TO vlogging bodies tend to be slightly smaller Super35/APS-C cameras like the ZV-E10, ZV1, ZV1F or a full-frame a7iii, a7iv or a7Siii

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