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The new Sony ZV-E1


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Looks like a VERY advanced camera, but if it's aimed only to vlog type video creators, I believe is a bit pricey.

When I heard the rumours, I was like, please Sony, make a photo only focused camera, like a succesor of the RX1r line up.... but I knew it was going to be impossible.

Only in my dreams, but a FF camera with a fixed 35mm 1.4, super small, super compact below $1500 is possible... maybe?

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Ooooo I'm definitely picking one up! While it lacks some features (like the viewfinder) for an A-Cam this is the PERFECT vlogging/B-cam that pairs identically with the A7S3 and FX3. 

I couldn't agree more. I was really impressed with the AI human recognition. It is definitely something I will be picking up.

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While I haven't shot one yet, Paul Gero and I have been talking about plugging this camera into doing multi-camera shoots, especially where we use the ATEM switchers for live presentations.  With the a7SIII chip on board, it's a great way to get into that sensor without the cost of the a7SIII or FX6!  And, the 24mm compact prime and 20mm f/1.8G lenses find new utility for vlogging for sure.  I need to try one out asap!

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