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What's your biggest challenge shooting video on your own?


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One thing I've found out (as I get older, ha) is that it's much harder to do a single-person setup with reliable lighting, focus and composition. I was really impressed with the new ZV-E1 and how (indoors) you can use it to VLOG yourself but I'm curious what everyone else's setup are for YouTube, IG/TT/FB. Do you just use a tripod, camera, and auto-focusing hoping you capture a solid frame or do you tend to hire others or ask friends to help on productions? 

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Few days ago Dunna Did It made a video on how to capture video as a 1 person team. He mainly talked about outdoors though. As for indoors, I've seen some adding a large monitor to their setup to view themselves and take test takes to ensure good focus. As for light and composition, that comes with skills and experience, and good quality gear.

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