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Iceland Adventure - Twisted Cave

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Hi everyone, I'm happy to be here! My name is Courtney, I am the photographer behind Wander Moore Photography. This is my first post, I'm sharing one of my favorite photos from Iceland, Twisted Cave.

I was on a group trip in Iceland and we had hiked through deep snow for over two miles to get to these caves. We were one of the first groups inside and I was able to capture this shot. I don't normally like having people in my photos but I do love the single person in yellow at the far end in this one, I think it really helps with perspective. I was lucky to get this shot, about three minutes later a large group came in after us. 

I had my shutter speed up (1/2000) because of how cold it was, it was hard to hold the camera steady! So I had a higher ISO to compensate for that (6400).  I often travel with a group and have to find compositions quickly, and it is not always feasible to stop and set up a tripod for shots. I would love to go back to these caves with a tripod to see what kind of shots I can get with a slower shutter speed and lower ISO, and to do some exposure bracketing and focus stacking. But I am still really pleased with how the final photo turned out! 

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