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Mixed Light Portraits in the field


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I try to use natural light in my portrait photography whenever possible but I will say, having a small portable light that can fill in some of the backlight really makes a difference when I'm out shooting! What's great is if you're shooting at golden hour you really don't need a powerful light source to have it show up in your frame. I'm using a simple Rotolight AEOS2 that only has about a 2-3ft throw but it adds just enough pop to really make the shots stand out and look natural at the same time! What kind of systems do you prefer to use out in the field to make your fill light pop? 

Shot these on my A7RV with 50mm 1.2G (My favorite combo!!) 

Could contain: Face, Head, Person, Photography, Portrait, Smile, Finger, Hand, Blonde, Hair

Could contain: Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Clothing, Dress, Grassland, Beachwear, Photography, Face

Could contain: Face, Happy, Head, Person, Smile, Laughing, Adult, Female, Woman

Could contain: Dress, Grass, Vegetation, Person, Hand, Portrait, Sitting, Tree, Woodland, Holding Hands

Could contain: Clothing, Dress, Face, Head, Person, Smile, Portrait, Evening Dress, Formal Wear, Grass

Could contain: Face, Happy, Head, Person, Smile, Triumphant, Photography, Portrait, Laughing, Dress

Could contain: Clothing, Dress, Person, Photography, Grass, Beachwear, Face, Head, Portrait, Smile

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