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Flower Timelapse: A Peculiar Form of Torture 😂


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Ok, maybe torture is a bit harsh, but goodness gracious, flower time-lapses are a bit hard. Here are a few key take aways:

1. They take days. Even a simple time lapse will take two or three days. 

2. Your light must be able to handle being on all the time. I burned out an LED panel doing this. It is totally worth it to set up an LED setup that is totally fine with being on for days straight. 

3. You will go through a lot of batteries. I recharge my batteries constantly and have to pop in new ones nearly everyday (or multiple times per day). 

4. The time between frames will be minutes, so you have to use an intervalometer. I would love it if Sony added minutes to the option for in-camera time-lapse! 

5. Make sure you do it where people and pets won't bother your set up! I have lost so many because someone decided to flip on the overhead light or decided to 'see what I was up to.'

6. Sometimes, the flowers just fizzle out by starting strong and then flopping over. It is sad to lose three days' work in one frame. 😩

7. It is worth it. I never knew how flowers shift and twist over the course of their opening. It is truly fascinating! 

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