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AF Tracking problem with my A7RV


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Hi. I wasn’t sure which community to post this in. I frequently shoot track meets & 10K running races and usually use my 7RV with my Sony 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 lens. My problem last weekend was that my tracking square was not rendering in my viewfinder. This is the 1st time this ever happened. My default AF mode is Spot Tracking-L, & I have a button assigned that disengages tracking until I find my target face/eye, and then I let go, and finally the little red rectangle hovers over the eye or face of my desired subject. However, last weekend the square didn’t appear. I was therefore forced to use non-tracking spot focus (like the old days). Note that I frequently track far-away runners but I still never had this problem. Is anyone else familiar with this problem? Any ideas? When I got home I tested my tracking (with my wife as a subject) and it was working fine. I’m really upset by this occurrence but I don’t know who to contact. Thanks in advance for any advice.



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