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My First Month with the A7R III and Sigma 100-400 DG DN

J Jonah

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Hello all,

I recently traded in my Canon RP and Canon 100-400 for this setup. I had become frustrated with AF issues and issues with not being able to use the silent shutter in manual mode. I'm so grateful I've made this choice and will never look back. Here are some of my favorites from the past month. 


All pictures Copyright Jonah Sharkey 2023

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Finch, Grass, Plant, Flower

Could contain: Plant, Pollen, Animal, Bee, Insect, Invertebrate, Wasp, Flower, Apidae, Honey Bee

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Flying, Vulture, Buzzard, Hawk, Kite Bird, Accipiter

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Scenery, Horizon, Water, Lake

Could contain: Daisy, Flower, Plant, Pollen, Petal, Sunflower

Could contain: Plant, Tree, Animal, Bird, Jay, Waterfowl

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Flying, Cormorant, Waterfowl

Could contain: Grass, Plant, Vegetation, Reed

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Eagle, Bald Eagle, Beak, Plant, Tree

Could contain: Plant, Tree, Conifer, Food, Fruit, Produce

Could contain: Flower, Plant, Lily, Pond Lily, Petal

Could contain: Animal, Beak, Bird, Finch, Nature, Outdoors, Pond, Water, Blackbird

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