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Problem with file numbering and their location during focus bracketing in A7R5.


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I've been using my A7R5 for a few months now, mainly photographing landscapes.

From time to time I try to use focus bracketing when I care about the sharpness of the foreground and background.

Normally files are saved in folder 100 and numbered in sequence. They have a sequential number according to the history of my photos. When I turn on the focus bracketing, the camera creates a new folder (I have it set in the menu) and saves the files, for example, in the 101 folder. But not only. He numbers them starting with the number 00001. It would still be possible to survive somehow because, after all, it is a special series of photos. Unfortunately, when I continue shooting with the focus bracketing turned off, i.e. normally, the next files are saved in the 101 directory, not 100. Recently, which has made me very angry, the numbering between the folders has doubled. When I do a series with bracketing again, a new directory is created with files from 00001 - let's say 102 , and further non-bracketed photos are saved in folder 102. Embracing such a monstrous mess and importing it to Lightroom is a nightmare.

Do you know of any update that would fix this bug?

Have you heard about the announcement of such a fix?

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