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Couple of My Shortlisted Captures for World Sports Photography Awards

Soorya Kiran

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In a realm where dreams are stitched together with the threads of dedication, passion, and sweat, the lens of a camera captured a remarkable saga at the Sharjah Cricket Academy. A series of candid and evocative photographs, each frame narrating its own tale of perseverance, camaraderie, and the undying spirit of cricket, these images managed to secure their place as finalists in the esteemed World Sports Photography Awards' Cricket Category. To add to my excitement, both of my pictures have made it to the shortlist among an astonishing number of entries—approximately 415,000 submissions from 200 countries worldwide.

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The spotlight of these frames is cast upon the young cricket enthusiasts, the heartbeat of the Sharjah Cricket Academy. These aspiring cricketers, embodying the hopes and aspirations of the sport's future, were caught in moments that reveal the immense hard work and determination they invest in their training. The images chronicle their ardent practice sessions, where each pitch, each bat swing, and each run becomes a stepping stone towards their cricketing dreams.

8 Year old Captain Yaseen of Sharjah Cricket Academy Under 10 team, wicket-keeper batsmen frustrated with one of his fielder on his misfielding.

Could contain: Head, Person, Face, Happy, Triumphant, Clothing, Glove, Boy, Child, Male

10 Year old Ahmed of Sharjah Cricket Academy Under 12 team, left-arm fast bowler engaged in his run-up correction with the coach under the lights.

Could contain: People, Person, Baseball (Ball), Boy, Male, Teen, Lighting, Field, Throwing, Glasses


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