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Wild sunrises starring A7III + SEL200600G


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Hi guys!

Here are some of my recent widllife moments - had a couple of great morning sessions this month, although there are not so many guests left in front of my waterhide. I guess its time for a new chapter ūüėČ

Share yours below!

Hope you enjoy! 

Could contain: Animal, Beak, Bird, Insect, Invertebrate

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Flying, Goose, Waterfowl, Seagull

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Backlighting, Cormorant, Waterfowl

Could contain: Animal, Beak, Bird

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Animal, Bird, Sky, Backlighting, Silhouette

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Cormorant, Waterfowl, Backlighting, Outdoors

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Animal, Bird

Could contain: Outdoors, Nature, Sky, Sea, Water, Animal, Bird, Person, Scenery

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Weather, Animal, Bird, Sky, Fog

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