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A Series of Unfortunate Events....


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I thought it would be interesting to share stories and experiences about mishaps or close calls that happened to your camera gear. What did you end up doing and how did that change the way you do things?

So far I've had 1 mishap and 1 close call:

  • Dropped my kit lens for the a7III on a rock while trying to change lens. I ended up selling it on ebay for parts because the screw popped out so I couldn't attach it to my camera body anymore. 
  • I was flying into Texas from Europe, almost lost my 600mm f4 at the Dallas,TX airport.... the airport put my bag into the wrong baggage claim conveyor belt and I had to catch a connecting domestic flight.

Things I learned/did:

  • After my mishap, I bought a sling bag and several peak design accessories to prevent droppage.
  • Thank goodness I bought the Tile bluetooth locator just for this trip. I joined PPA to get insurance to cover the 600mm f4 lens.
    • I am considering buying a GPS tracker
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Not cheap, but here is an idea if you use AirTags ( I'm using one hidden on my motorcycle. It looks like a cool thing to attach, no one will know there is. tracker inside. GPS tracker, a good one, will need continuous power supply. I know how heavy gear is and how annoying airlines can be, but there are some ways around it. Some shoulder bags or cubes can be considered as personal item, and a roller carryon should carry the rest, or a backpack (Atlas are my favorite

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