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Forum Spotlight: Hamad Alhendi


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For this month's Forum Feature we are thrilled to highlight Hamad Alhendi, also known as @LensBrew. Hamad is a great member of our Forum community and a fantastic photographer. Here is how Hamad describes himself and his passion for photography: 

I’m a PhD student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, researching AI imaging and image processing. I’m also the Photography Editor for Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times.

From a young age, my passions have ranged from sports to technology to photography. My journey in photography started by tinkering with my dad’s old camera and experimenting with many rolls of film. Whenever we traveled, I took the opportunity to grab a disposable camera and enjoy pressing the shutter. Photography has always been a source of excitement and fascination for me.

As my skills grew, I found joy in capturing different subjects like sports, fitness, and cultural scenes during my travels. I got inspired by a multitude of photographers and how their image stirred my emotions. I felt connected to the subjects and in the scene. I aspire to capture life’s most beautiful moments and immortalize those precious memories that define us. From the thrill of a game day to the rich diversity of new locations. And, as a tech enthusiast, I am continuously exploring new avenues to enhance my skills and showcase my work. A visual journey through life.

And here is some of his fantastic imagery: 

Could contain: People, Person, Soccer, Soccer Ball, Sport, Adult, Male, Man, Clothing, Glove

Shot on Sony A9 II and Sony 135 GM 

Could contain: Basketball, Basketball Game, Sport, Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Playing Basketball, Shoe, Shorts

Shot on the Sony A7RIV and Sony 35 GM 

Could contain: Architecture, Building, Landmark, Tower, Washington Monument

Shot on the Sony a9 II and Sony 135 GM

And check out the gear he relies on to make his imagery HERE. Thank you @LensBrew for being such an active and supportive member of the Sony community! 

If you’d like to be featured in a forum spotlight, we’d love to see you share some of your work here in the forums! You can get involved in our August Photo Dump thread, show us a grandscape image you’ve taken, or create a new topic to showcase your own niche. We look forward to seeing what you share!

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