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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself


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Hello, my name is Richard, I'm a combat veteran who was injured and disabled in an IED strike while serving in Afghanistan. While searching for healthy means to cope with my injuries and to help with my mental health, I decided to buy a camera. I've been taking photos since the summer of 2017 and shot my first concert on New Year's Eve in 2017. I have limited funds and make no money off of my photos so my gear is limited but I still give it my all. Hope you all enjoy some of these photos,

Could contain: Adult, Male, Man, Person, Urban, Performer, Solo Performance, Face, Head

Could contain: Concert, Person, Lighting, Finger, Photography, Adult, Female, Woman, Solo Performance, Weather

Could contain: Concert, Crowd, Person, Adult, Male, Man, Performer, Solo Performance, Lighting, Face

Could contain: Guitar, Musical Instrument, Person, Face, Head, Headbanging

Could contain: Concert, Person, Adult, Male, Man, Baton, Performer, Face, Solo Performance, Musical Instrument

Could contain: Person, Concert, Crowd, Spitting, Face, Head

Could contain: Person, Headbanging, Face, Head

Could contain: Concert, Crowd, Person, Adult, Female, Woman, Lighting, Rock Concert

Could contain: Performer, Person, Solo Performance, Adult, Female, Woman, Guitar, Concert, Microphone, Musician

Could contain: Person, Guitar, Musical Instrument, Headbanging

Could contain: Performer, Person, Solo Performance, Adult, Male, Man, Sunglasses, People, Face, Necklace

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