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Using the 1/400th Sync on the Alpha 1 for a Sports Action Shoot


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I did a shoot the other day where I set up two strobes in an arena to make some simulated game action images for an athletic department. The two images I made today will be incorporated into a massive wall sized ink-jet print. I used two FJ Westcott FJ400 strobes, a Sony trigger, two long-throw sport reflectors, and two Avenger stands along with my Sony a1 camera and their FE70-200mm f/4G II and FE135mm f/1.8GM lenses. For the large image of the entire arena, I used the Sony 12-24mm f/4G lens.

Here is the video I made to explain how I did it:  


Action_PMR-10 copy.jpg

Could contain: Architecture, Building, Basketball, Basketball Game, Sport

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