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If you were going to build a studio....


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There some subjects that I like to shoot with dark background, while others with a bright one. If I had one room, I would paint 2 walls very light grey (almost white), and the other 2 a very dark shade of blue/green (something similar to what Monica Sigmon has in her studio). I would add a light rail to reduce clutter. I wouldn’t add any decorations, as I would like change props every session. A closet or a storage room to save those props, lights, accessories, etc. would be nice. Finally I would use grey wood for flooring. With a neutral color, I avoid color casting and unnecessary light bouncing around.

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Disclaimer: I have no studio experience and am just listing what I think would be cool or useful for a studio.

  • I would like a room with windows for natural light with some blinds with the option of blocking or filtering the light.
  • Portable backdrops with a variety of colors, green, black, white
  • 4 studio RGB lights, diffusers, and reflectors
  • V-Flat boards, Duo Boards, Table top boards (
  • Moveable glass table with wheels (in case you wanted to shoot from underneath the table)
  • Tabletop rails, tripods
  • Studio microphone
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