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Who likes to shoot weddings?


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@damian these are beautiful! I shoot weddings myself occasionally and I second shoot frequently - mostly for my friend (and fellow Sony shooter) Margaret Wroblewski. I think you did a great job overall!

16 hours ago, damian said:

Could contain: Dress, Formal Wear, Suit, Blazer, Wedding Gown, Photography, Portrait, Grass, Flower Bouquet, Park

In this image I love the spontaneity and I especially love the petals in the front of the frame - they really make me feel like I'm right there and they add a nice depth to the shot. I might crop out the hand with the phone - I don't think it's adding anything and cropping in slightly will guide my eye to the couple a bit faster. 

16 hours ago, damian said:

Could contain: Photography, Person, Portrait, Dress, Formal Wear, Wedding Gown, Adult, Bride, Female, Woman


16 hours ago, damian said:

Could contain: Accessories, Jewelry, Ring, Formal Wear, Finger, Person, Wedding Gown, Suit, Tie, Face

And for these two, I would also crop slightly tighter. don't be afraid to get really intimate - it's romantic! For the one of them leaning next to the car, I would be mindful of where you cut off limbs, cutting off the hand just feels slightly awkward to the viewer - so keep an eye on the edges of your frame and either get a bit tighter or back out a bit. 

They're gorgeous! I'd love to see more! 

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