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My first NCAA American Football shoot experience


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I've been a bit MIA the past couple months, but got an opportunity to do a couple cool photography sessions. I never shot football before so it was a fun learning experience. I shot my first American football NCAA game for the 9/22/23 game between the San Jose Spartans and the Air Force Falcons.

The gear used:

  • a1 and 600mm f4
  • a7R5, 70-200mm f2.8 GM II
  • Sirui Monopod

Some thoughts in my opinion after shooting:

  • 600mm f4 might be too tight past 45-50 yard line if shooting from end zone
  • I think I shouldn't use a mono pod next time and just use straps/clutch/vest holster. (I felt I was too slow to switch to my a7R5 for closer shots past the 40 yard line (was afraid of dropping my a1/600mm f4)).


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