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Share Your Favorite Street Photos Challenge


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There can be various ways to capture frozen moments as you walk through the streets anywhere in the world. We want to see your favorite street photos and how you were able to capture them.

Street photography is an art form that thrives on its fast pace and the unpredictable nature of urban life. Every corner turned, every face encountered, and every fleeting second presents a new opportunity to freeze a moment in time. It’s a challenge that photographers around the world embrace with open arms.

Remember, street photography is about storytelling, so let your photos narrate the vibrant tapestry of life in our city. You can share your favorite street photos by replying to this thread with your work, and don’t forget to tell us all about it. We want to know where you were and how you captured frozen moments. Use this as an opportunity to gain extra points to rank up and there are possibilities for a chance to have your work featured.

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This post was recognized by alpha-jessica-a!

"These are stunning!"

Naty was awarded 10 points.

Fleeting Moments.

A collection of moments shot at night in Milan from the Pandemic days till now exhibiting the pure, the unfiltered, the people.

Life itself is a limitless collection of fleeting moments strung together to play the concerto we call life. 

The street talks to me and connects with me in a way like no other, like a whisper in the cold night wind.

Could contain: Architecture, Building, Person, Landmark

Could contain: Head, Person, Face, Adult, Male, Man, Urban, Photography, Pub, Lighting

Could contain: Lighting, City, Street, Urban, Night, Adult, Male, Man, Person, Photography

Could contain: City, Road, Street, Urban, Path, Alley, Person, Adult, Female, Woman

Could contain: Lighting, City, Urban, Building, Office Building, Street, Silhouette, Walking, Metropolis, Night

Could contain: Lighting, Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Concert, Male, Man, Urban, Group Performance

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It's hard for me to pick my favorite street photos, but these are a few I just took last week in Venice Beach. I know some photographers are afraid to go there with fancy cameras, but I’ve never had a problem. Maybe I blend in better because I don’t uselong lenses and I smile a lot! Long lenses make you more noticeable and less trustworthy when approaching strangers.

My preferred focal length for street photography is 35mm. All these photos were taken with Sony a7RV and Sony 35mm f1.4 GM.

Could contain: Palm Tree, Tree, Person, Adult, Male, Man, Hat, Outdoors, Shoe, AcrobaticCould contain: Beard, Face, Head, Person, Laptop, Pc, Adult, Male, Man, Sunglasses

Could contain: Back, Person, Skin, Tattoo, Adult, Male, Man, Shorts, Cap, HatCould contain: Photography, Shorts, Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Handbag, Shoe, Necklace, FingerCould contain: Person, Walking, Handbag, Shorts, Shoe, Adult, Male, Man, Female, WomanCould contain: Adult, Bride, Female, Person, Wedding, Woman, Face, Head, Wire, Utility PoleCould contain: Beard, Face, Head, Person, Portrait, Hat, Adult, Male, Man, WomanCould contain: Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Shorts, Baseball Cap, Cap, Hat, Male, ManCould contain: Shorts, Spoke, Alloy Wheel, Car, Wheel, Person, Sedan, Shoe, Wristwatch, WallCould contain: Path, Sidewalk, City, Street, Person, Portrait, Potted Plant, Adult, Bride, Woman

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