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Starting with photography in a different country


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Hello there alpha universe 👋
This may not be the typical topic in the forum, but I wanted to give it a try.

I recently moved to Europe, right now, I'm in Italy with my wife, our daughter and our two cats, and it's been a little bit complicated, to say the least.
We've been working with photography and graphic design for the last decade or so, and changing our country due to different reasons, it wasn't really the simplest decision, but we had to do it.

I've been working on a different companies for the last year, but nothing related to photography.
Today, I sent my resigntion to my current job because I couldn't do it anymore.
I never stopped with photography and video, EVER, but it wasn't my primary income here. So, after learning the language we decided to finally give it a try.
Question is, has any of you did this in the past?
Any advice for a foreigner in a country like Italy who wants to move up its bussines?

I don't know if we met the wrong people, but we saw a very closed... view of the world here. I don't, honestly, want to generalize, but sometimes we don't really know how to do it here.
Maybe we're used to a different approach.
We did a very organized separation between astrophotography workshops and events, like weddings and such, and we wanted to continue with that.
Maybe, I don't know, tips about ads? I know it works very differently here in Europe.

Anyway, I know my topic is a bit weird, but maybe some of you can give us a hand.

Thanks in advance.

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