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Can anyone recommend a good online beginners course to learn about not only the Sony A7iv but photography in general.  I bought this camera with the FE 4/24-105 G OSS yesterday and am just realizing I was in way over my head.  I'm currently watching a 1 hour and 26 minute beginners guide to becoming familiar with this camera on YouTube but definitely know that I'm going to need more.  My only experience or previous camera has been the iphone.  Good times.  

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Congratulations on getting your first camera! That is SO exciting! My biggest piece of advice is to learn the basics and then just learn what you need in little pieces. I find that trying to learn everything on a camera all at once gets too overwhelming. What kind of photography are you interested in? There are a ton of great courses out there that are tailored to specific interests. 

To start, I would recommend @erinoutdoors online course: sounds like it might be a great jumping off point for you! 

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This is a great combo to start your journey with. You'll be very happy with their performance.

There are lots of free classes on Youtube. as Tony said, he got some videos going and coming up with B&H (This is where I recommend you start). They also have classes for specific genres, workflows and discussions. Adorama has some great videos as well.

Personally, if you want some in-depth and on-demand paid courses. I recommend the course by Pierre T. Lambert and the membership with KelbyOne. Scott is always fun to watch.

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