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Announcing a LIVE AMA with Niah Aldrich


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Niah Aldrich (@niahrosephoto) is a portrait photographer who enjoys pushing colors to the max. She is a creative photographer who gives a luxurious experience that allows people to laugh and have fun in their session.

It's our pleasure to announce that Niah will be participating in an AMA right here on the forums on January 8th  from 10 AM  PST - 12 PM PST. We will be talking about photography, vibrant colors, and ways to interact with clients. 

Could contain: Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Dancing, High Heel, Shoe, Dress, Finger, Shorts

If you'd like to ask Niah questions ahead of time, post in this thread and our forum moderators will make sure they get posted during the live event for Niah to answer!

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Oh my gosh, I'm so excited, I love your work! one question I have for you: How do you make clients feel comfortable? I always struggle making people relax in front of the camera! 

Thanks for doing this AMA! I can't wait! 

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Hi Niah!! Can't wait to hang out with you live and listen to your thought process and creativity flow answering all the questions! I have one for you: What is your current struggle as a photographer, how do you overcome and combat it, and what are your goals for the 2024 year in terms of growth and learning? 

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