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Need suggestion on the Camera choice.


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Dear All,

Happy Holidays!!

I am a hobby photographer and looking forward to being professional family/portrait photographer here in Japan. Currently holding Nikon D750 and looking at 2 options in SONY.

Sony α7R IV and α7R V as the price difference for me is just a 50mm f1.8 lens price.

I will also need to have lens purchased and added to my gear so looking at purchasing a 50mm f1.8 along one of the above choices and purchase a used 24-70 GMII here in Japan as they are obsolete good condition and best price.

Please advise if keeping first high price on the camera and slowly building the lens is, okay?

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There may be a little lost in translation from your Japanese to my English but I think you are asking if you should buy the A7RV with 50mm f/1.8 or the A7IV with the 24-70GMII.  If that is what you are asking, always go for the glass rather than the body.  Lenses are everything.  People get hung up on the cameras and they are great but the 33mp sensor in the A7IV makes it one of the best values in photography right now.  You are coming from a camera with an excellent sensor in the D750 but the A7IV will offer you way more in terms of dynamic range and with 10 fps to boot!  The 24-70GMII is an amazingly sharp, fast, and lightweight lens.  The FE50mm f/1.8 prime is not a lens I would purchase, to be honest.  It cannot show you the speed and power of Sony's awesome AF system.  Steer clear of that one for sure, but the rest of their lenses are excellent to awesome.  I may have misunderstood your question so if I did, my apologies...  

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