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Your most meaningful photo of 2023


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I loved reading this article on the Sony Ambassadors most meaningful photos of the year! It got me thinking about my most meaningful photo... 

This is a photo of my grandpa, Captain Jim. He has Parkinson's Disease and is declining pretty quickly. I took this photo when we were camping over the 4th of July and we were all sitting around the bonfire. Though it's not my most technically incredible photo, I think it really captures his personality. Every time I see him, he's changed a bit - either physically or mentally. I've spent the past few years taking a ton of photos of him as my way to capture his personality and presence. This is how I will always remember him - an outdoorsman who loved a good cigar. My family went camping all throughout my childhood, so this is a familiar sight.

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These types of reflections help me remember why I love photography so much. You can tell a story and make meaning through your camera. It's hard for me to face what's happening with my grandpa, and by focusing on taking pictures, it helps me stay in the moment with him and just let go of my fears, for a while. 

I took this with the Sony Alpha 7V and the Sony 24-70 GM. I also made a film about Captain Jim for the Michael J Fox Foundation. You can see it here: 

What's your most meaningful image of the year?! I'd love to see them and hear about why they stand out! 

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The most impactful photo in my collection is not one of rugged landscapes or daring adventures, but a family portrait taken at Mt Rushmore. This image is far more than a mere snapshot; it is a treasured symbol of unity, love, and the preciousness of time.

For the first time, we managed to gather every member of our family in one place, enveloping ourselves in the joy of togetherness. Amidst the grandeur of the monument, our smiles and embraces captured more than just a moment; they encapsulated a rare and cherished opportunity to be with one another, uninterrupted by the demands of life.

This trip held a deeper significance as our beloved Grandad’s health was waning. The days we spent together became not just a family vacation, but a poignant gathering filled with laughter, stories, and shared memories. Each day was imbued with an unspoken understanding of its preciousness, making every moment more poignant.

This photo at Mt Rushmore stands as a powerful reminder of the bonds that tie us, the fleeting nature of time, and the profound joy found in the simplest of moments spent with loved ones. It's a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most impactful photos are those that capture the essence of our personal stories and the depth of our human connections.

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