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Live AMA with Niah Aldrich

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Hey Niah! your work is always amazing and on point, can you tell me a bit about your thought process when pairing outfits with vibrant color backgrounds?

Hey Luis thanks for hopping on! When paring a outfit to a background color i like to think about these few things. Is it a solid color? Is there any patterns or textures that I want to draw your eye too? If it's a solid color my go to is usually monochromatic with the use of all one color it really can pull you into the model. 

If the outfit has multiple colors/pattern i'll usually pick one to complement or pop in the background. This really ties you and is very pleasing. I'll often even edit to tweak background to match with the exact tone of a color.

I also LOVE using complementary colors like red and green or green and magenta to choose a backdrop color! Adobe Color wheel is free and is a fun way to help with that!

You can choose a color like the models outfit and than click Complementary, Triad, Analogous etc and it'll show you. This is good practice and eventually you wont even have to think you'll just do!

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