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Hello from icy Chicago

Derek Nielsen

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This is my first day on the forum. Photography has been a huge part of my life over the last 20+ years. From a way to escape the hard times as a young twenty-something to now a full-time conservation-driven fine art photographer, photography has always been there. It has taken me to all seven continents and more countries than I can count. But more importantly, photography has been the vehicle to which I help drive change in the world. From environmental issues to social injustices, photography has been a powerful tool in sharing with the world what is actually happening to our planet. I look forward to getting to know many of you, learning from you, and sharing our mutual passion for creating something beautiful. 

Could contain: Person, Outdoors, Tribe, Bonfire, Fire, Flame, Nature

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Sky, Scenery, Person, Bridge

Could contain: City, Metropolis, Urban, Building, Cityscape, Water, Waterfront, Office Building, Outdoors, Arch

Could contain: Animal, Mammal, Panther, Wildlife, Cheetah

Could contain: Animal, Bird, Penguin, Outdoors

Could contain: Mountain, Nature, Outdoors, Valley, Scenery, Canyon, Sky, Landscape, Grand Canyon, Landmark

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