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Share your Favorite Adventure Photo Challenge

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We had a fun and informative AMA with Hannah Rheaume recently, so we want you to take what you learned and share some of your favorite adventure photographs. Your favorite adventure could be from you traveling across the world, you spending nights camping in a national park or an impromptu trip to your favorite coffee shop. Tell us all about your favorite adventures and share some photographs you captured along the way. Every contributor will earn points towards advancing in our community rankings.

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One of my favorite adventures is when I travelled a few hours from where I live to attend a women's festival! It was a very boho vibe, with flower crowns, yoga and reiki along with massage therapy and walks in the surrounding woods. It was one of the most rewarding adventures I've gone on. Here's a snap from the closing ceremony of the day.

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On a hot summer's day, I headed to the local park near me to decompress. I tend to do the same trails when I visit the park but on this day I went down a different path and I am so glad I did, as I got to experience this lovely, tranquil spot and the slowly moving water was just what I needed on this day. A very calm and quiet adventure that I look forward to doing again sometime in the near future!

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It's been a few years now, but for me one of my favorite adventures was the "Bro-Cation." My best friend from childhood and I celebrated a milestone birthday by traveling by train across the country. From Denver to San Francisco to Portland to Glacier National Park and finishing in Minneapolis. It was an epic tour of cities and wilderness and everything in between. 

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It was an adventure of many flavors - different food, different environments, and on the train literally different views every minute. Looking through the photos always brings great memories of spending that time together with a great friend. You can follow the entire "Bro-Cation" here

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All shot with the greatest travel camera ever, the #RX100 III 

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